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Head of the Global Macro Fund at boutique Wealth Manager VFS Group
Public Speaker & Markets Commentator

Stockhead Weekly Views: "Free Whelan"

In this Stockhead series, investment manager James Whelan from VFS Group offers his insights on the key investment themes and trends in domestic and global markets. From macro musings to the metaverse and everything in between, Whelan offers his distilled thoughts on the hot topic of the day, week, month or year, from the point of view of a professional money manager.

Monthly/Quarterly GMF Updates

Monthly/Quarterly GMF Updates

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All Categories
Annual Update
Global Macro Fund
Market Thoughts
Monthly Update
Quarterly Update
Thematic Investing

Half Year 2023 Review

China reopening? What if it's hindered? Trouble in the bond market?

Market thoughts

2022 September Quarterly

GMF 2022 Q2 Update

2022 Q1 Review

2022: The Year Ahead

GMF September 2021 Results

Theory of Thing Podcast!!

Handy little podcast with some great insight from market movers. Click the obvious looking button to start listening.

Available Services

James and VFS Group are more than just your regular stock pickers. We have a range of services to help you plan and set up your retirement or start your investment path.



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