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The Trade That Paid #NVDA, FOOD, La Nina, Retail, PE & Good Books#

A few things this week in the form of links but firstly I should note that holding the line on Nvidia has proven fruitful thus far. I usually don't agonise over single stocks but this one was following the Pelosi's and since Nancy's trip to Taiwan went so well the stock was on the edge.

In fact much of the market was on the edge last week.

Here's the chart the guys here cooked up showing the general state of the US market leading into the CPI numbers on Wednesday night our time.

Crucial night...

Support and resistance lines all over the place. I go into how crucial all of that was in my Stockhead post so follow the link here and I go into how levered short hedge funds are and now how we're in the middle of a massive short covering rally.

Aside from that we're back in a distrusted rally. The folks at Morgan Stanley (with whom I share many directions) ran a great podcast with details of spending habits of the US consumer and some trade ideas off the back of that. If you think that Australia is a few months behind the US on this (as I do) then it may spark some local ideas. If you don't want to listen to the podcast then just ask me and I'll tell you.

Great BIP Show podcast recorded with PE guy Misha Saul. We talk tech vals, good books and more. Worth a listen to get a good insight into what the private equity guys are seeing.

Finally I have commenced re-entering my beloved FOOD ETF after waiting for the bulk of reporting and more clarity on global conditions to emerge. La Nina has been alerted for a third year so continued rain here and drought in the US means fertiliser and food prices will continue.

Trade accordingly.

All the best,


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